A New Community Establishment

While the Charlottetown Library has served the community admirably since its establishment in 1965, it is simply inadequate for the demands of a contemporary Library Learning Centre.

Following a thorough assessment of the current infrastructure, programing and future demands, a recent consultant’s report determined the Charlottetown Library required significantly more space to meet not only future growth … but just to meet the current needs.

  • Limited space is negatively impacting service, efficiency and security of operation
  • Not sufficient space available to provide the customary functional space
  • No public washroom facilities within the library itself
  • Library is not fully publicly accessible
  • Insufficient space for today’s needs including creative space, media labs, private group study rooms, training facilities and community assembly space
  •  The absence of program space, computer workstations and adequate space to accommodate a reasonable collection are major issues inconsistent with the time

For the Charlottetown Library to continue to meet the needs of a changing public and a changing world, the Library itself needs to change. And that’s exactly what the Charlottetown Library Learning Centre Inc. is committed to making happen.

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